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Conex Aluminium Washers are made for metric as well as imperial screws and bolts. We offer Aluminium sealing washers DIN 7603 and usual pressed washers as per DIN 125. All our Aluminium washers are made from high quality sheers.

Typical combination of our Alumnium washers is as follows-


6mm 10mm 1mm
8mm 14mm 1mm
8mm 13mm 1mm
8mm 11.5mm 1.5mm
8mm 12mm 1mm
10mm 16mm 1mm
10mm 14mm 1mm
10mm 13mm 1mm
12mm 20mm 2mm
12mm 19mm 1mm
12mm 18mm 1.5mm
12mm 16mm 1.5mm
14mm 18mm 1.5mm
14mm 20mm 1.5mm
16mm 20mm 1.5mm
17mm 21mm 1.5mm
18mm 22mm 1.5mm
20mm 28mm 2.5mm
22mm 30mm 1.5mm
22mm 27mm 1.5mm
22mm 27mm 1mm
22mm 27mm 2mm
26mm 32mm 2mm
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