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Flat Washers Aluminium Washers




We manufacture and supply a wide array of Aluminium washers pressed washers flat washers. Our factory in Jamnagar uses high speed presses to churn out high quality Flat washers pressed and punched washers from Aluminium Brass and Copper. Our range of Aluminium flat washers includes:

  • DIN 125 Aluminum washers
  • BS 4320 A B type washers Brass Aluminum Copper
  • DIN 7603 sealing washers Punched washers
  • Disc washers Gaskets Aluminium sealing gaskets
  • DIn 126 machined washers
  • Aluminium Washers to DIn 433 ISO 7092 plain washers pressed parts components
  • Bimetal Copper Aluminium washers
  • Aluminium Flat washers lock washers internal external washers
  • Cup washers Brass Aluminium Screw Cups
  • Wave washers contact washers
  • Overlap Serrarted washers 
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