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Aluminium CNC Turned Parts



We are suppliers of high end CNC machined Aluminium parts and CNC turned parts of Aluminium Alloys. We offer Aluminium turned parts and machiend parts like:

  • Aluminium collars Bushes
  • Threaded adapters collets connectors
  • Hose fittings Aluminum couplings hose barbs
  • Electrical Aluminium clamps 
  • Aluminium threaded components and parts
  • Bushes  hex nuts lock nuts
  • Forged parts machined parts and stamped parts

Aloys that we can machine on our CNC lathes:-

2011 Aluminum (available in Hex, Round)
2024 Aluminum (available in Hex, Plate, Rectangle, Round, Sheet, Square, Tube)
5052 Aluminum (available in Sheet)
6061 Aluminum (available in Angle, Channel, Hex, I-Beam, Pipe, Plate, Rectangle, Rectangle Tube, Round, Sheet, Square, Square Tube, Tube)
6063 Aluminum (available in Angle, Channel, Pipe, Rectangle, Rectangle Tube, Round, Square Tube, Tube)
6101 Aluminum (available in Pipe, Rectangle)
6262 Aluminum (available in Hex, Round)
7075 Aluminum (available in Hex, Plate, Rectangle, Round, Sheet, Square)


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