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Conex is a pioneer in Manufacturing and Supplying of Aluminium Lugs Aluminium cable lugs Crimping Aluminium lugs as per international standards. The Purity of aluminum used in designing the Aluminium Lugs is high quality EC grade, i.e. purity more than 99.6%. We offer the Aluminium Lugs at competitive prices to the esteemed clients across the world.Our primary markets are Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.

Key Aluminium Lug Features :

  • High conductivity of current
  • Keep  temperature rise within specified limits of is 5561-1970
  • Sufficient thickness to carry required rated current
  • Perfectly marked Conductor size and hole size
  • Capable of carrying over current  
  • Soft tube makes it easier to crimp
  • Homogeneity of jointing material and the cable so as to avoid sparking
  • Dimensional sizes ensuring the current density is sufficiently low to reduce substantially
  • Well sealed packaging


Supplied To :
Electricity distribution companies
Manufacturers of panel baords
Electrical Transformers
Electrical contractors
importers and distributors

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